Below you will find information regarding all services offered by beautybott, LLC. Sessions are appointment based only and are recommended to book 4-6 months in advance! 

If you are a new client, It is HIGHLY SUGGESTED to book your touch-up appointment (done 4 weeks-4 months -- sooner rather than later) in advance to ensure availability.

If you are an existing client, please also book your annual touch up 4-6 months in advance. Touch up rates are counted from your LAST SESSION DATE until your NEXT SESSION DATE (NOT the date that it was booked). Client is responsible for any remaining balances due day of service.

Please allow 2-3 hours for your appointment. Absolutely no one (including children) is allowed in the procedure room during treatment sessions. To ensure we produce the best quality work, the use of cell phones are prohibited as it is a distraction to the artist. Please plan accordingly.


Ombre Powder Brows is a form of tattooing, but it is different from the traditional method. It is a more modern method because it is surface work meaning it is on the epidermis layer of the skin. The technique is described by it’s name – the results are more powdery and fluffy with a faded front and a crisp tail. Because it does not penetrate deep into the dermis layer of the skin, the results will last UP TO 1-3 years depending on skin type. All results vary.


Microblading is performed with a grouping or configuration of needles affixed to a handle to manually create lines that resemble eyebrow hairs. It is a cosmetic tattoo procedure of depositing a small amount of pigment in the outer layer of skin without reaching the dermis. The needle used in manual microblading is very fine, allowing crisp hair strokes that mimics your brow hairs. It lasts UP TO 1-3 years depending on your skin type.

COMBO brows (2.5 hours)

This technique combines both microblading & powder brows. The microblading gives dimension and density while the shading part gives definition and saturation.

BROWS: Which procedure is best for you?

The difference is that OMBRE POWDER BROWS is more of a solid color fill and MICROBLADING is mimicking hair strokes. The Semi-Permanent Artist will be happy to discuss what is best suited for you based on your natural brows.


If you have a previous brow tattoo that might have turned grey, red, pink, purple, or green, please send a clear picture of your brows and Nalani will assess whether she can work on top of it and attempt to color correct. In some cases, she will have you come in for an in person consultation. Color correction sessions will attempt to correct the color by color shifting it back to a shade of brown. If your brows require a separate color correcting session, shaping will not take place until the desired shade of brown has been achieve. Color corrections can take multiple sessions. Results will vary with each individual and are not guaranteed.


There are many methods of lightening and/or removing unwanted tattoos. You can go about doing this via laser, surgically, dermabrasions etc. Nalani offers lightening/removal in the form of SALT & SALINE SOLUTION. This method is easily understood as reverse tattooing. Instead of pigment being implanted in the skin, a SALT & SALINE solution is used to remove pigment by the theory of osmosis. This method is less invasive and a little bit more gentle than other methods and has been successful in removing/lightening tattoos. It can take 1-4 sessions for your tattoo to lighten and must be spaced out at least 8 weeks apart. Results will vary with each individual and are not guaranteed.


This will depend on the level of saturation, color, shape of the brow, whether or not there is scar tissue, and how many sessions were done previously. Please set up a phone or in-person consultation to further discuss your options.


Phone Consultation – Complimentary

$25 in-person Consultation (30 minutes)

The consultation is done the same day as the procedure. However, if a client would like to discuss shaping/color prior to the procedure day or if you have a previous brow tattoo, there is a $25 consultation fee (will be applied towards booking if booked). 


$650 – Ombre Powder Brows, $150 deposit

$650 – Microblading, $150 deposit

$750 – Combo BROws, $150 deposit

BROWS: VIP priority service

$950 - ombre powder brows, microblading, or combo brows

If you would like to come in sooner, you can book the VIP PRIORITY SERVICE and Nalani will come in on her day off. Must be PAID IN FULL at time of booking. For new brows only (NO PREVIOUS BROW TATTOOS OR TOUCH UP SERVICES PLEASE). If you’re interested in this option, please text 404-476-1839 to coordinate a date/time.



DONE tuesdays-fridays ONLY

$100 – Touch-Up, 4 weeks-4 months, $50 DEPOSIT

$175 – Touch-Up, 4-8 months, $50 DEPOSIT

$225 – Touch-Up, 8-14 months, $50 DEPOSIT

$325 – Touch-Up, 14 months-2 years, $50 DEPOSIT

$500 – Touch-Up, 2-3 years, $50 DEPOSIT

after 3 years, it will be considered a new service

 Touch up rates are counted from your LAST SESSION DATE until your NEXT SESSION DATE (NOT the date that it was booked). Please book your touch up 4-6 months in advance. Client is responsible for any remaining balances due day of service.


  • Touch up rates are for existing clients only.  If you had previous brow work done by another artist, new service rates will apply.  You must text a picture to 404-476-1839 or email of your old work to see if Nalani can work on top of it. Thank you for understanding.

  • Two sessions are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to achieve the desired results. Some may require more than 2 sessions depending on skin type, aftercare, and lifestyle. ALL RESULTS VARY.

  • Deposit will go towards service.

  • After 3 years, it will be considered a new service



$175 – (per session) Color Correction, $50 DEPOSIT

$175 – (per session) Tattoo Lightening/Removal, $50 DEPOSIT